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Board Members

GLORIA California, is an organization that exists to support and help fund the GLORIA field work in California and Nevada. Since 2004, a number of agency partners, graduate students, and botanical volunteers have helped collect data for this collaborative project.

Brian Smithers,


Brian started as a volunteer with the GLORIA project in 2013, and has has been co-directing GLORIA California operations since 2017. He is currently working on his PhD in sub-alpine and alpine ecology of the Great Basin at UC Davis.

Meagan Oldfather,


Meagan has been volunteering with the GLORIA project since 2009 and has been co-directing GLORIA California since 2017. She is currently working towards a PhD in alpine ecology at UC Berkeley.

Jim & Catie Bishop,

Board Members

Jim & Catie have been an essential part of the GLORIA project since the very first California survey in 2004. They are both active in the state CNPS (California Native Plant Society) organization; Jim is our thunderstorm specialist and Catie is one of our alpine botanists.

Adelia Barber,

Past Director 

Adelia started as a volunteer with the GLORIA project in 2006, and was the GLORIA Director in California from 2009 to 2016. She has a PhD from UC Santa Cruz in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, having specialized in reproduction and population biology of bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) for her dissertation.

Jan Nachlinger,

Board Member

Jan is a botanist/plant ecologist and collects vascular plants & bryophytes in the Great Basin, Mojave Desert, and Sierra Nevada. She has volunteered on GLORIA projects since 2009.

Seema Sheth,

Board Member

Seema started volunteering for GLORIA in 2016. She is currently an assistant professor in plant evolutionary ecology at North Carolina State University. Much of Seema's research aims to understand how climate change impacts plant species' geographic distributions, with a focus on western North American monkeyflowers.  

Michael Koontz,


Michael has been volunteering with the GLORIA project since 2013. He is currently working towards a PhD in forest ecology at UC Davis.

Connie Millar,

Founder of the North American GLORIA Chapter

Connie is a research scientist with the US Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station, and has been critical to the establishment of GLORIA sites in the western states.

Agencies That Have Helped to Fund and Support Data Collection

National Parks – Yosemite NP, Death Valley NP, Great Basin NP, & Sequoia NP

National Forests – Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit,Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Inyo National Forest

Current & Former Graduate Students Participating in GLORIA Research

Brian Smithers

UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology

Meagan Oldfather

UC Berkeley

Michael Koontz

UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology

Agency Partners Include:

Angela Evenden

National Park Service CESU at UC Berkeley

Sylvia Haultain & Corie Cann

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

Mark Darrach

USFS Umatilla National Forest

Elizabeth Bergstrom

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Gretchen Baker & Meg Horner

Great Basin National Park

Alison Colwell

Yosemite National Park

Jane Cipra & Drew Kaiser

Death Valley National Park

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